To Help and to Heal

I believe in the power of bud

To help and to heal

To dichotomize what’s fake and what’s real

To realize that behind your eyes lies a world waiting to be discovered

A world unlike any other

A world that my mother once said no one can take away

A world whose other side you can see with a puff every day

Or every other

Or once a week or once a month or once in a blue moon

But don’t be a buffoon

Or a dumbass, if I’m crass

Only you can find your limits

My brain is not yours
My body, my own
I must get to know myself

So get off your phone
Learn to know thyself

A sativa to get ya movin’ once every day
Is better than life with work and no play

So I say

Know thyself

Or should I say echo

‘Cause this wisdom was known long ago

If you need medicine for your mind, it is not a sin
But if you abuse what you use it becomes a poison

You define use
You define abuse
It is not up to me

But the power to decide should always be free

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