Our Greatest Prize

For better or worse
You can be your greatest curse
Or most benevolent ally
But I can spoil the end: you are going to die

This is not to sound morbid
But offer more thoughts assorted

Beyond the perpetual happiness purported
By the highlight reels we look at when we’re bored

No wonder so many are neurotic
At best
Psychotic at worst

What is one man’s “patriotic”
Leaves another man in a hearse

But let’s stop here
You see what that did?
That’s what the mind loves to hear.

We’re wired for survival
How do you think we evolved?

compared to beasts

We are no rival
Still our greatest of feats:
That we’ve withstood this time trial

Not you as in You
But the atoms that comprise
After 13.82 billion years
Consciousness is our greatest prize

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