The Industrial School System

We educate our youth
For an Industrial Age
You can hate the truth
But thats like lockin’ yourself in a steel cage

Forced to sit down and learn things that don’t benefit you
And we’re still not patient so that was useless too

They said it’d help make me a better me
Learning these things that now barely
Exist on my mind’s periphery

Because I studied for a test
Then promptly forgot
But worry not
Here comes another regurgitation test

And we believe our system of education is the best?
I think not

Twenty years I spent in that system
Facilitated the building of fears
Because I cared about the opinions of peers
And now that I’m gone, I don’t miss them

But the system was made
For a different era
I’m not trya scare ya
I just wanna make my point clearer

So now what do we do?
You gotta make your own school
You must understand what you think is cool

Enjoy writing?
Then write
Then code

The system was made for you to learn to be told
To show up and bide your time until you go home
But in the world we live now, we are never alone
Like it or not, the economy’s built on our phone

And if its not yet, it will be
Tech is progressin, that’s easy to see
The bigger lesson here
Is: Figure out who you want to be

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