To be Grateful

Compared to my peers I was fatter and sadder

With loneliness, possessed

The thoughts that consumed me made me depressed

To this day it sometimes seems irrelevant how I’ve progressed

In the last few months

Since I got back

I haven’t been smokin’ blunts

But the bud has still got my back

Basically been vapin on the daily to cure the maddness

But the sadness made me

I may be crazy

But this miracle cure is amazing

The side effect is creativity

And seeing life through a new lens

Neurons fire electricity

And they sure love the cleanse

This stuff, it makes me smile

And sink deeper into poses

Greener than a crocodile

As you inhale, breathe through your noses

Feel the expansion

First in the lungs and then in the mind

It’s like cleaning your mansion

For all you have to be grateful, use the bud to remind

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