To be Beautiful

When all you are is beautiful…

Is the life you live suddenly full,

Like the images lead us to believe?

Or do the marketers deceive…

Oh, to be a specimen of the human race

with a face that graces ads

Perfect lighting on your abs

Living a life the masses think they wish they had

And the followers you amass!

100,000 likes just for your ass

You’re living a life charmed by Narcissus

Be careful not to drown

Because as the years pass

What you realize is

The water keeps rising around

You see, beauty is sculpture of ice

And the heat of time melts you down.

Never developed behind your eyes

Always hidden by your perfect disguise.

The warnings were given but you preferred the lies

Echos of the past

Whisper in your ear

Nature may laugh last

But a beautiful soul? That doesn’t disappear

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