Green Light

Green light on my Volcano

Remember when they said just say no?

Cuz this is your Mind on drugs

Whether it’s heroin or cannabis nugs


One drains your soul

The other helps you find it

The green one’s grown in soil

The obscene one turns your mind to shit

You become a servant to some drugs

That’s called addiction

But if you can make a drug your servant

And use it wisely with discretion

You begin to see what you’ve been missin

But listen

My drug of choice is cannabis

Overdose? You can’t on this

That’s part of what makes it unique

We have no true comparison to speak of

A sativa can be like caffeine

But even then

Down 18 espressos

That just might be lethal, my friend

Try this not as a teen

But once you’re twenty one

Cannabis, you beautiful weed

You lessons for us have just begun

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