Outrage and Clicks

The science of outrage

Poignant in these times

Where we’re always on stage

And everything’s a hate crime

When we punish bad behavior

Dopamine rewards the striatum

This evolved to be a savior

When did justice become, “Those bastards! I hate em!”

Overly sensitive or not

That’s up to you to decide

Another scandal caught

Another injustice decried

And then comes a new day

With new battles to be fought

And the moral outrage of yesterday

Is suddenly forgot

Or forgotten

This cycle is rotten

And corroding our core

But we keep clicking, so we get more

See what your future has in store

With a life like that

When you’re always at war

Finding new enemies to attack

Our world has problems

That of course we must fix

But we will not solve them

With outrage and clicks

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