American Spirit

Whether its anger that drives you

Or hunger pangs

You gotta do you

And see what your future brings

But if the truth of your nature you fail to see

You conform to the masses

The future isn’t necessarily

Better than the past is

This is something we’ve become accustom to

In the past century or two

But the norm, it is not

Oh how fast history is forgot

Or forgotten

The way we perceive the past is rotten

Like it’s something we’ve magically transcended

But Empires have fallen with that same logic defended

Good ideas

Should be befriended

Like breathe with ease

And don’t be so quickly offended

Study history

And how they used to dream

Of the way things used to be

With ancient technology

And now what do we see?

A future brighter than ever

In our species history

And yeah, we could be doin’ better

It’s scary times

The news is plastered with

Countless political crimes

How did we get to this…

Hating each other

Like the last time our nation

Pitted brother against brother

But we’ve grown since then

Learned from our mistakes

The American spirit is to do whatever it takes

To persevere for Good

But at some point that message got misunderstood

Or shaken

Or skewed


Or chewed

Then spit out

And what do we get?

Leaders we doubt

And a lot of regret

But hope exists

In more than a glimmer

We must persist

Make yourself a winner

Fine tune your attitude

And remember to end with gratitude

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