American introvert

Made to feel

Like my brain don’t work

It ain’t a fair deal..

I need time alone

Will you please understand

I need time alone

It’s a fundamental demand

I’m not myself

Without time to breathe

My pleas are heartfelt

But the truth, you refuse to believe..

I used to idolize you

While I was outside – watching..

You socialize like it’s your fuel

And patronize my quiet – mocking..

You think you understand me

And put me in a box

Anti-social with anxiety

Cursed with mental blocks..

For some, that is true

For me, it is not

I am neither sad nor blue

Likely just deep in thought

But I need time alone

To sort those thoughts out

I need time alone

Why is my truth so easy to doubt?

My brain is different than yours

It’s so easy to see

I dream of solo hikes outdoors

While you might a prefer packed party

Come at me with deep conversation

Together, we talk and grow

I don’t want complete isolation

I just need some time alone

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