Veteran Paratrooper & Athlete, Andrew Martinez

Andrew and I have known each other since middle school. I remember him always being strong – dedicated to weight training from an early age, and sticking with it to this day. He and I became good friends later in high school, but didn’t talk much after he joined the Army after graduating.

We reconnected through Instagram. He and his team have been busy building LVL Aesthetix, an athletic brand, as he has been building his personal brand. It’s been amazing to watch his page go from about 5000 followers when we first reconnected, to over 29,000 at the time of writing.

You can check out his page on Instagram @brewskidrewskii

What book(s), audiobook(s) or podcast(s) do you find yourself recommending most often?

Audible – Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance

What mental and/or physical training do you practice to keep your mind and body sharp?

Surprisingly, to keep my mind sharp I try to head to the gun range once a week. Practicing tactical movements really engages my focus, as well as breathing techniques which are involved in making accurate shots. Gym 6-7 days a week switching between hypertrophy and strength training focus.

Why has weight training been such an important part of your life for so many years?

Weight training brings out the competitive side of me. I’ve always been in sports and competed in activities that constantly make me push myself harder. Weights allow me to do that in a controlled and productive manner.

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

Failure has taught me that no matter how much you prepare, it is inevitable. It has taught me that after many failures, you will become successful after driving through said failures. The first time you shoot at your target you are most likely to miss, after practice and failure after failure you will be practiced enough to be more consistent on your successful shots.

Does cannabis play a role in your life? Why?

Cannabis does not play a role in my life at the moment, although I am open to it’s medicinal effects.

Why did you decide to join the Army shortly after high school?

I felt that I had grown up too “soft” and handed everything. I thought I’d rather “die than not appreciate this beautiful life”. I knew I would have to go through hardships to attain my true potential. Also, I always felt I have a duty to protect my loved ones and this country I love which provided my family and myself with such opportunity.

How did your time as Paratrooper affect you as a person?

My time as a airborne infantryman helped me overcome all of my fears. I was afraid of heights, darkness, snakes and death. Now I’m afraid of nothing and ready to accomplish my biggest dreams. I just did a promo in 40 degree weather shirtless doing pull-ups on to a rusty train bridge with an 80+ foot drop. Wouldn’t have been possible if I was afraid.

What is LVL Aesthetix, and what role do you play in it?

NEW LVL AESTHETIX is a local Athletic brand to College Station, TX. It focuses on all aspects of training, dieting and athletic wear instead of specific types of training, i.e. functional with aesthetic aspects. I am the Director of Marketing for the brand and am looking to make my name in marketing locally and globally.

What do you find most challenging about building a brand on social media, and what tactics do you use to overcome this?

The most challenging part of building a brand on social media would be to get people to believe in your brand. The main key that I have found to be useful is networking, I reach out to 10-30 new people everyday. I used to get shot down a lot but over the last 6 months I’ve made a ton of progress with this tactic. Sponsorships, funding, deals on exotic car rentals, I’ll take anything I can get and do well with it.

Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years, and what steps are you taking to get there?

Finished with my bachelors degree, and making my mark as a successful producer, brand marketer, while traveling all over the world. I am doing so by progressing my own personal brand and bringing everyone around me up as well!

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