No way

How does the pride of the week

Have hashtags so decidedly weak

Doesn’t make for good rhyme

So I’ll pull one out my mind

Just have to rewind

To a simpler time

When the only worry was school

And all associated with it

When I just wanted to be cool

But had no coaching in it

No blueprint on how to talk to girls

No shoe fit for Cinderella with curls

I was clueless on the whole game

And toothless when it came to pain

And rejection

Let me tell you

I sought perfection

Put myself through hell too

Thought I had to be perfect

To deserve it

That mentality was the worst fit

But like a Balsa tree I’m over it

That hindsight roast is 20/20

The perspective of a latter day

Keep my mind right, but most importantly

The directive: enjoy your Saturday

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