Thread of the Fates

You have a right to be private

And a right to share

But is it right to be quiet

When life is unfair?

When the Fates are unjust

Do you keep your mouth shut?

And in the grand plan of life

Do you choose to have trust?

Do you decide to make do

With whatever’s throws at you?

Or do you choose to complain

As if we’re not the same.

As if you were ordained

To go through life unscathed

Which is why you’re so drained

When you believe the Fate’s misbehaved

If that’s the case

You are misguided

For there’s excitement in the chase

A mentality can always be decided

Rather than just thrust upon you

It’s among our great human superpowers

Your thoughts are on you

Whether dark as night or sweet like flowers

Regardless of the shade of your Moirai Thread

Be grateful today for the fact you’re not dead

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