Action Toward Aspirations

So as not to get lost in the hypothetical

I have an idea some might call radical

It is to learn to first deal

With what’s right here and real

What’s directly in front of you

Let’s call it reality

Understanding “what if’s” can be useful too

But those tend to be dyed in fear and hyperbole

Let me share that which worries me

With regard to anxiety

It’s when fears on the fringe become guarantees

Cuz you ruminated for years on might be

It’s really quite frightening

When the future strikes faster than lightning

Here’s hoping time spent was enlightening

With wisdom gained and relationships tightening

Not spiraling

As of life’s a game

And points are gained

Through time spent worrying

Imagine instead

You got out of your head

Taking action toward aspirations

And rather than fear

You decided right here

To learn to practice patience

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