Social Justice Warriors

I’m not afraid to be real

And show you my flaws

It’s pretty surreal

That authenticity requires balls

No, not anatomical

Put your Politically Correct pen down

You know what I find comical

The Internet policed by social justice clowns

Most hearts are in the right place

But the extremists are of concern

Meritocracy they do not embrace

They care not for what you earn

Nor what you deserve

Or even what is meant

The way they twist your words

And if you express dissent?

Flame wars are imminent

Complete with name-calling

About your two cents they don’t give a shit

Why even try to compete in the brawling

It’s truly appalling

To witness debate turn to squalling

No forgiveness, just hate and stonewalling

We’re in this system that needs overhauling

So what do we do?

Begin with the recognition

That they are human too

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