G-FIT (Jamisten, II)

Group Fitness Instructor Training

G-FIT, for short

We had no idea what we’d be gaining

Still months away, when we would court

Then came that fateful night

The late one, at the Rec

When I beheld your lovely sight

Teaching Zumba on a makeshift deck

With your tiny waist

And smiling face

I saw you with fresh eyes

So began the chase

Time, I did not waste

But oh my, how it flies

I took your class

And stood dead center

You shook your ass

In all it’s splendor

So as class ended

I wanted a conversation

But with so many students you befriended

I had to be patient

Awkwardly, I stood

Waiting to be alone

On that floor of hard wood

We were about to set a milestone

When we finally talked

Just you and I

I knew my world was rocked

We exchanged numbers before we said bye

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