Arm Squeeze (Jamisten, V)

The way she would squeeze my arm

Silently telling me

She loves me

Just as “we” became “we”

Or at least, were becoming

You see, our relationship was budding

We wanted not to cause harm

Which is why she only said it by squeezing my arm

It was quite apparent

We had fallen up

In love, but we dare not share it

Our budding “us” was not tall enough

But it grew over time

Not just mine, but..

As much as in me, as in you

And the night we spoke it

First me, that “I love you”

And back, you joked with

“You’re delusional if you think I don’t love you”

Okay not joked,

But an unusual way for it to be spoke

That night

The feeling was incomprehensible



So tangible and sweet

You’d assume it edible

That the girl that I love

Could love me back

Did love me

Back in fact!

From that night on

It became our favorite phrase

Beautiful like the light of dawn

Brightening even the darkest days

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