La Cantera, 2015 (Jamisten, IV)

La Cantera


Just two friends hangin’ out, yeah?

But things were not as they seemed

We both know it

Though the female played coy

She wouldn’t admit

She had feelings for the boy

He had tried to kiss her

About a week before

Turned him down like “Whoa, Mister”

If only they knew what was in store

Raising to the highest heights

Raging in the lowest lows

Orgasms after filthy fights

Falling in love; you know how it goes

Our first kiss was so magical

Acro led to something greater

Hid your nip slip, so tactical

Thinking, “I’ll see you later”

Music was in the air

Running my fingers through your hair

In the world, I had not a care

Though, you wouldn’t let me back to your lair

But a week or two after

We Netflix’d and chilled

Now we share so much laughter

With joy, I am filled

Thank you, my Love

For all of the mems

My gift from above

Your smile, the most precious of gems

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