Coordinates (La Cantera, II) (Jamisten, VIII)

My first anniversary gift

Was a bookmark with coordinates

Given to me at that spot, too

I’ll share their story with you…

Before our first kiss

Before we joined hearts

Before Love’s bliss

That’s where our story starts

We met at the mall for cake

You gave me a gift

As a friend, you insist

With graciousness and a wink, did I take

The night went on

And we grew close

If one conclusion was foregone

It’s that you were sweeter than fructose

And the other was that you liked me


But I mean Like, liked me

This, we’d soon see

For as we walked back

To our cars that night

With confidence, no lack

I asked if you wanted to take flight

As in, try Acro

You were all for it

We had no mat, though

The floor was fine fit

Things ignited from a spark

And on the ground, we shared our first kissed

Now, on a bookmark

I have that ground’s coordinates

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