Clock Ticking (Jamisten VIIII)

We knew there was a clock

Ticking till I went abroad

From Delhi to Berlin – Bali to Bangkok

I knew not how long I’d be gone

6 months

A year

However long it was

To lose you was my fear

We’d talked about options various

Had conversations light and serious

But as the day of departure came near to us

We were still left with confusion and cluelessness

Then the day came

When I boarded that plane

With tears in our eyes

Would our relationship change?

Surely, it would

We said we’d give each other freedom and space

For we understood

In our hearts, no one could the other’s place

But the prospect seemed impossible

We knew not the solution optimal

Though we believed it fully solvable

Our emotions still burned bright and volatile

Was the separation to be truly traumatic?

Or were we just being unduly dramatic..

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