German Train (Jamisten, XII)

I miss you like toes miss shoes

Feelin cold but got no use for tissues

Cuz they’d be misused

Like anger used and abused

And misplaced

Like a snail in a foot race

Loneliness got no place

In the zone between my ears

Yet it’s got a home between my fears

And it’s been there for years

At least it was

Lately it’s been gone

And that’s because

I got you to fawn on

And kiss and love

My gift from the heavens above

Bein without you’s got me goin insane

Seein a kraut whose not you on this train does the same

But soon we’ll be together

Sucks that soon feels like forever

Waitin long it’s like whatever

Bein strong unlike a feather

Don’t want this rhyme to get weak

So I guess I’ll end her here

If it’s me you seek

Close your eyes; I’ll whisper I love you in the air

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