There’s a monster inside my head

But I can’t decide if I want it dead

Or alive

Do I want to stain my blade with red?

Or use the monster to strive..

To keep in mind to fuel my drive

To know that it looms

With teeth like knives

In the darkest of rooms

Expelling vile, toxic fumes

Mocking me with it’s image

Taunting me with the potential for doom

A werewolf tormenting it’s village

Hungry and ready to pillage

Everything righteous and good

Indiscriminate of privilege

Ripping apart the temples of wood

With malice not understood

Beyond it’s love of destruction

And slay it, I know not if I could

But I can assign it a function

Like a succubus teaching seduction

Lessons from underground

No circumduction

I can’t go around

But through

I continue to learn things profound

From the monster manifested by you

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