Resentment’s Little Brother

Jealousy is resentment’s little brother

Heresy to a life well lived

To wish you were another

You compare unfavorably

To someone else’s highlight reel

Leaving your thoughts unsavory

As if you’ve got a raw deal

But the truth here is

You must heal

If you were fearless

Youd see jealousy’s the wrong feel

Where inspiration is right

You’d see they have what they have

Cuz they chose to fight

Not sit around being sad

Or wishin destruction for Abel

Like Cain

Resentment brings nothing but trouble

And pain

And when you’re in your own hell

You’ve only yourself to blame

You’ll know exactly how you fell

As indignation turns to shame

Choose instead to not remain the same

Be better than you were yesterday

You’re given one life, one body, one brain

Have fun with the journey and learn to play

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