Smiles and Hydrangeas

I thought if I wrote you a poem

You’d feel better

Cuz you’re lookin sadder than Autumn

Or a crumpled love letter

And you tell me I caused it

And I say my flaws did

But because of it

Your trust – I lost it

At least for the moment

But I’m confident

We can make this right

We both hate to fight

Prefer to keep things light

Refer to mems? Alright

The time’s we’ve laughed

All night

And our romance

You perpetual polite…ness

Smiles and hydrangeas

Hugs and mochi

You’re miffed, I don’t blame ya

I know how selfish I can be

You know well my crazy

Just like I know yours

And ours

But the love is there, you see

Your soul was made for me

And mine for you

Simply put, I love you

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