Mary Jane

My lungs don’t want me to smoke

So I don’t

I vape

I inhale the subtle hints of pine and grape

The blue dream and varieties of ape

And when I vape

I feel great

But let’s step back to when I was young

And dumb

When I smoked to avoid feeling numb

When Mary was my number one

And Jane, my number two

Bong rips after school

Grinding bowl after bowl

Getting high

But diggin myself into a hole

When I felt it’s just a habit

But I had to have it every day

Whether I work or whether I play

Eighteen was a different scene

But I’m a man today

No longer a kid

No longer just chillin and listenin to Wiz

I use the same green bud

That had me choking back then

To supplement my life

To be my aromatic friend

The difference now is I’m mature

I no longer want to smoke more and more and more

I just want enough

To spark creativity

To see deeper into me

To move and breathe freely

No blocks in my flow

No voice in my head

Just me, my body

And with heavy indicas

My bed

The tides of change are coming

Whether we like it or not

I’m here to advocate responsibility

Understanding the possibility

Of negativity

But choosing the light

Choosing to fight for the right

To vape out of my


Because I know

I know the beauty of this drug

Beyond the bullshit images of guns and thugs

Criminals slingin their ugly ass nugs

But I also know the dangers

So if you wanna play with Mary and Jane

Don’t make them strangers

Educate yourself

Use them as partners for fitness and for health

Use them to become a stronger version of yourself

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